Yoga Yoga

Where Mind-Body connection begins. Whether you are a beginning student looking to establish a practice or an experienced student with a deeper practice, Yoga Yoga will inspire your yoga journey.

200 Hour Teacher Training

Whether your interest is to pursue a career as a Yoga Instructor or simply deepening your Yoga Practice as a student and practitioner, we are excited to support & guide you on this amazing journey!

Yoga Yoga offers a practical approach to Hatha Yoga exploring and honoring the lineages of Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa enhancing the student’s knowledge of Yoga.

The Yoga Yoga Teacher Training program is a 200-hour certification program carefully designed for serious students of yoga who want to deepen their experience of asanas, yoga philosophy, self-growth as well for those students who have the passion to become teachers themselves.

About the shala

Yoga Yoga is a boutique yoga shala offering classes for students of all levels. We are recognized for our intimate classes and expert teachers that are dedicated to meeting the needs of our students.

Featuring a warm and friendly studio, Yoga Yoga was established in 1995 in Newhall as a place of unconditional love, where you can nurture yourself and be supported in your yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for some time, we encourage you to come and enjoy the benefits of reduced stress and new-found energy at Yoga Yoga!

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a continuous flow of postures linked together by the breath. Classes build heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, and conscious breathing.

Pranayam & Meditation

Pranayama (Breath control) an ancient tradition, is the conscious awareness of breath using specific rhythms & techniques to bring us to the present moment increasing our self-self-awarness.

Hatha Yoga

Create a strong foundation for a life-long successful practice. A medium-paced class designed to accommodate all fitness levels.


Our Students Love Us

“I was new to yoga but the excellent teachers at Yoga Yoga quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable.”
Sally AH

I love this place! It was my first time here and my second time doing yoga. The gentle teacher was great in explaining everything and helping me with the moves. I have bad sciatic pain all the time and the gentle class helped ease the pain with stretching. The teachers are so wonderful.
Tina T.

I cannot rave about a yoga studio more! Danica and the teachers create a safe space with a variety of classes for all levels and all needs. Need spirituality and relaxation? Try their restorative yoga class!
Hannah C.

“This is the perfect studio for beginners and experienced student alike. I highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in trying yoga.”
Carol L


Guidance for Your Journey

Gratitude Mindfulness Practice

Gratitude Mindfulness Practice

Lift your spirits and soothe your soul with this special Gratitude Mindfulness Practice that includes an Ayurvedic tea, guided meditation, mindful journaling, yoga and more. The power of gratitude is still being documented and discovered, but through the physiology of...

Mindfulness Practice: Connecting to Compassion

Mindfulness Practice: Connecting to Compassion

This mindfulness practice is designed to help you connect to compassion – for yourself, for others and for the community you serve. Invite a feeling of compassion through meditation, journaling, a compassionate yoga pose, and systematic reset. A Mindfulness Practice...

Self-love Mindfulness Practice: A Journey Back to the Heart

Self-love Mindfulness Practice: A Journey Back to the Heart

Use this self-love mindfulness practice – with meditation, journaling and more – as a map while you take the journey back to your heart. In Buddhism, the virtue of maitri can be interpreted as “unconditional loving-kindness” not only toward others but also toward...

Our Mission

Yoga Yoga is committed to helping people live a happier, healthier and balanced life through Yoga, Meditation, Breathing/Relaxation Techniques, and Positive Thinking.