New to Yoga?

So what’s the deal with “Om”?
Ancient yogis determined that some sounds are more beneficial than others. I think you will agree the sound of falling water is more pleasant than a jackhammer. Om and other mantras are believed to assist in focusing the mind. As “stilling the mind” is the actual goal of yoga, many teachers like to begin and end classes with the pleasant sound of “Om”.
I’m old/injured/very stiff can I do yoga?
Yes! Yoga works for Every Body! Boost your metabolism, burn calories, build strength, flexibility and confidence with a consistent practice.
What about pregnant ladies?
As with any form of exercise if you have enjoyed a consistent practice pre-dating your pregnancy, feel free to participate for as long as it feels comfortable, or what your doctor recommends.
What about kids?
Kids love yoga! It aids in concentration, builds confidence and its fun! If your child is mature enough to focus through an hour long class they may participate. Please be respectful of the other participants, do not enroll your child if they are too young to maintain focus. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form.
What about injuries doing yoga, is it dangerous?
You will not get injured if you listen to your body! A huge component of yoga is self-acceptance. Going beyond your capabilities in order to wow your teacher or yourself is completely contrary to yogic philosophy.
Do I need special equipment?
The popularity of yoga has made inexpensive yoga equipment increasingly available. A “sticky” mat costs about $20.
Yoga Etiquette?
If you must leave early, please leave before our final relaxation pose. Please come on time, appropriately dressed.
What is Yoga?
Yoga is a science of clearing away the obstacles in our body and mind returning us back to our birthright – a state of peace and happiness. Yoga addresses our lives, our spirit, not just our bodies. You can come to yoga for longer muscles, more strength and relaxation, what you leave with is a deeper knowledge of your true self.
What do I wear to Yoga?
When coming to a yoga class wear comfortable clothing, tights or sweat pants, sport top or a t-shirt is fine.
Food & drink
Please refrain from eating a meal 2-3 hours before class. If you are hungry eat light; some fruit, or juice is appropriate. Yoga helps to release toxins, so drink plenty of water after class to help detoxify your body.
For everyone’s enjoyment
Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, oils or aftershaves. Also, try to arrive a 5-10 minutes before class begins so as to avoid any disruption. And importantly, enjoy your yoga practice and appreciate the time you spend on yourself, your health, and your happiness!
Why we Om (Aum)
Om represents the entire universe – past, present, and future. The sound is actually a combination of four parts: a (“ah”), or wakefulness; u (“oh”), the dream state; m (“mmm”), the quietness of deep, dreamless sleep; and the silence that follows, which represents pure consciousness. The chanting of Om revitalizes the body, soothes the mind and nourishes the soul.

Our Mission

Yoga Yoga is committed to helping people live a happier, healthier and balanced life through Yoga, Meditation, Breathing/Relaxation Techniques, and Positive Thinking.