Our mission at Yoga Yoga is to support a happy, healthy and balanced life. At times feeling happy, healthy and balanced can seem impossible! Fortunately there are tools we can choose from to redirect our energy from a stagnant puddle to a flowing river. You can change your life.

Below are some simple exercises you can do each day that requires no special set up or experience – and you even get to lie in bed doing it! It is our sincere wish that this practice enhances your way of life. Please comment below and share if you feel so moved. Namaste

  1. Upon waking up, before getting out of bed, bring a core value of your life to mind. Some examples are: honesty, compassion, service to others, courage. What is your core value? It might be different each day. Breathe the energy of that value into your body, feeling it expand in your mind, body and spirit, setting the tone for your approach to life that day.
  2. Before lunch, while your belly is empty of food and liquid, sit for a few moments to observe your breath. Place one hand on your heart center and one hand on your lower belly, and notice where your natural breath goes when you inhale – do either of your hands move from the breath filling part of your torso? Just observe your breathing, and as you do start to become aware of slowing your breath so it can be smooth and relaxed. Start to focus on bringing your breath into your belly, keeping your breath at a comfortable and slow pace. As your breath slows and deepens notice that your thoughts and body relax with this intentional breath. Spending a few minutes on this intentional, deep, belly breathing can make a surprisingly big difference in your day to change how you respond to stress, supporting a calm inner being.
  3. As you lay in bed before going to sleep, come back to the breath awareness exercise above, using your breath to calm your mind and body. Say a prayer for yourself. Then say a prayer extending to ten other people.

Here is one example of a prayer to use:

May my mind be filled with the thoughts of loving friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy.

May I be generous.

May I be gentle, relaxed.

May I be happy and peaceful.

May I be healthy.

May my heart become soft.

May my words be pleasing to others.

May my actions be kind.


After saying your prayer for yourself and others, reflect on one thing from the day that gives you a positive feeling, finishing your day with positive energy as you go to sleep.

We hope you derive great benefits from these simple practices on your journey to self-betterment and acceptance.